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Counseling and Weight Loss


We provide both individualized and small group weight management programs. One-on-one counseling is offered for those who wish to meet with the registered dietician individually. This in-depth assessment of your nutritional health includes a review of your health and history form, current dietary habits, nutrition knowledge, medical records and lab work. After this thorough review, you will receive a personalized plan with specific guidelines based upon your goals and need for accountability and education.

For those who like the accountability of a small group, the Whole Body Health—10 Week Behavioral Weight Loss Class was designed just for you!
This comprehensive weight loss program includes nutrition education, behavior modification techniques, accountability and a personalized approach to weight management to achieve long-term success. Learn WHY you are doing what you are doing to achieve lasting results. This is NOT a diet, it is a way of life! Average weight lost during 10 weeks is 12-20+ pounds!

Classes run every 10 weeks. Seating is limited to 14 participants. Obtain more information by contacting us at

All nutritional classes at Center for Women’s Health were designed by Kristen Zetterberg, RD, LDN of Inspire Nutrition, Inc. ®


One-On-One Counseling

Initial Consultation (60 to 90 minutes): This in-depth assessment of your nutritional health includes a review of your confidential health history, current dietary habits, nutrition knowledge, medical history, and lab work. From there, you will receive a personalized plan and guidelines tailored to your goals and need for accountability and/or education.

Center For Women's HealthFollow-Up Sessions (30 minutes): During counseling sessions, you will receive continued education on various nutrition and wellness topics, accountability tactics depending on needs and goals, and a review of your progress. You will learn how to improve energy levels, manage stress, improve athletic performance, create a more positive and loving relationship with your body, and establish a healthy and peaceful relationship with food.

The one-on-one counseling is available for various conditions including weight management, PCOS, pregnancy weight gain and loss, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many more. Most insurances are accepted.


Small Group Counseling:

Whole Body Health 10-Week Behavior Modification Weight Loss Program proven successful for over a decade, this program can change your life! You can transform your body and mind by adhering to the balanced nutrition principles taught to you in the class. Understand the science behind eating to lose weight and why the proper combinations and amounts of macronutrients lead to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for life. This is not a diet. You will not be starving. You will learn how to live your life while eating REAL food and discover a new you along the way!

Whole Body Health

Whole Body Health includes:

  • Weekly accountability
  • Structured eating plan with sample meal menus to follow
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Consistent weight loss
  • Education on achieving physical and mental wellness through balanced nutrition and exercise
  • The key to finally taking weight off and keeping it off for life!

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