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Center for Women's HealthThe Center for Women’s Health is devoted to providing the most comprehensive care to women of all ages. We provide a comfortable and reassuring setting for our patients for general gynecologic care as well as for the diagnosis and treatment of all gynecological conditions. We also provide more advanced procedures in the comfort of our office, providing added convenience and cost-savings for patients.

Our board-certified physicians specialize in all gynecologic surgeries and procedures, including minimally invasive surgery and urogynecologic procedures. Several of our physicians are certified in daVinci Robotic Surgery and can help you make the best decision on treating your specific condition.

Our team of nurse practitioners and our board-certified physicians have extensive experience caring for women and can manage gynecologic conditions including:

  • General gynecologic care
    • Adolescent gynecology and counseling
    • Breast cancer screening and breast care
    • Cervical cancer screening, Pap smears and HPV testing
    • Endometriosis evaluation and management
    • Hereditary cancer counseling
    • Immunizations (including Gardasil)
    • Infertility testing
    • Menopause management
    • Menstrual problems
    • Osteoporosis prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment
    • Ovarian cancer screening
    • Pelvic and sexual pain evaluation and treatment
    • Premenstrual syndrome management
    • STD screening
    • Well-woman preventive care
  • Contraception counseling and procedures
    • Mirena and Paraguard IUD’s
    • Nexplanon
  • Urinary Conditions
    • Overactive bladder evaluation and treatment
    • Painful bladder evaluation and treatment
    • Urinary incontinence evaluation and treatment
    • Urodynamic testing