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Center For Women's HealthThe GyniGirls, a support group for women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers, meets monthly at the Center for Women’s Health. The group was started in 2010 to provide support for women diagnosed with uterine, ovarian, cervical, and vulvar cancers. However, the GyniGirls group has since expanded and provides a safe and healing environment for woman diagnosed with any type of cancer. Caregivers and family members are encouraged to attend the meetings as well. The group is guided by Susan Apollon, a gifted and intuitive psychologist and author of “Touched by the Extraordinary,” and Dr. Amy Harvey, a physician at the Center.

The amazing women in the group are able to share and support each other in their time of healing. The group’s mission is to promote the emotional and physical healing of its members through an open, interactive discussion within a supportive and caring environment. The women share ideas and helpful hints as they work through their diagnosis of cancer and into survivorship. Support from the local community is also provided throughout the year to help achieve these goals.

The GyniGirls meet at 7pm on the third Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up to attend the next group meeting, please ask your physician or nurse at your next visit to the Center or contact Chris Kolodi at 215-750-6611215-750-6611, ext. 131.

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