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New Weight Loss Program


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New DirectionA New Weight Loss Program

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We offer a Medically Monitored program. Our goal is to help you achieve permanent weight loss.

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What is the New Direction Program?

New Direction is a medically supervised Program for rapid, safe weight loss and a complete education program. The Program’s focus is on life-long weight management rather than on the short-term “diet”.

We offer two different programs Very Low Calorie Diet and the Low Calorie Diet.

How does the Program work?

There are four phases to the New Direction programs.


  • A medical exam is conducted by our Physician, including a history and physical, they will send you to complete an EKG and blood test.
  • We’ll also be taking a look at your eating behaviors, your eating patterns and lifestyle habits that can affect your weight and ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  • A review of nutrition and personal diet history is also included in the screening process.

Reducing Phase

  • Rapid, safe weight loss using a protein-sparing modified fast. Participants use New Direction nutritional products as their sole source of complete nutrition. For those people that find this approach difficult, we have a less stringent program (Low Calorie Diet) as well.
  • Careful, medical monitoring by the coordinator and physician that will help us help you lose weight safely. Each week we’ll take a look at how you’re doing and make any changes in your diet prescription needed.
  • Weekly classes covering topics in nutrition, personal effectiveness, and exercise.
  • Development and implementation of a home-based, structured exercise program.
  • Length of time in this phase depends on how much weight you need to lose.

Adapting Phase

  • Gradual return to eating regular foods.
  • Medical monitoring by coordinator and physician.
  • Weekly education and support sessions.
  • Adapting takes five weeks to ten weeks.

Sustaining Phase

  • Weekly education and support sessions.
  • Fine tuning of new eating, behavior and exercise skills and habits.
  • Individual meeting with health-care professionals, as necessary.
  • Enhancement of exercise program.

We ask participants to attend Sustaining classes for six months, giving them time to settle into the new lifestyle and new habits. This is the most important phase in the program and the one in which you are most vulnerable to regain weight. You must commit now to full participation in the sustaining phase.

The Two Programs We Offer Are:

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Weight loss is one of the factors that can help your man deal with erectile dysfunction. According to numerous studies, weight loss is as effective as the use of medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as Cialis (as well as Cialis generic).

To be eligible for this program individuals must have at least 40 pounds to lose. The medical protocol for the New Direction program is designed to ensure your safety while you are taking the New Direction. Meal replacements are required. Medical monitoring is an essential component of the program. Once a month lab work will be done.

Low Calorie Diet (LCD)

This program is designed for individuals with less than 40 pounds to lose. The diet component of New Direction gives you the choice of an all-food diet or a combination of a nutritionally complete product(s) used as a meal replacement, with at least one meal of regular food. The diet is designed to promote a weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week.

The New Direction Meal Replacement products are available only through our office and distributed on a weekly basis during your visit.

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